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Serving Clyde, Cranbourne, Berwick, Narre Warren, Officer

BIRD Veterinary Care

General Bird Medicine

No matter what the species of bird, Clyde Veterinary Hospital is southeast Melbourne’s go-to destination for your feathered friend’s long-term medical care.

Clyde Veterinary Hospital provides examination and treatment for your bird, including in-house blood testing for speedy diagnosis. regular feather and nail trimming, as well as providing advise about husbandry, feeding and nutrition.

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Avian Veterinary Services

at Clyde Veterinary Hospital

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Preventative Bird


With our strong focus on preventative medicine, Clyde Veterinary Hospital is the place for avian health care needs under one roof.

Bird Sexing


DNA testing¬†can be performed for many different bird species to enable determination your bird’s gender.

Digital Technology


We’ve installed the very latest digital radiology technology to deliver your pet’s results instantaneously and electronically – enabling both rapid treatment and diagnosis and easy safekeeping of results.

Nail Trim &


Clipping your bird’s wings is a simple and painless procedure for rendering your bird at least partially flightless. Incorrect clipping can damage your bird’s health and should always be trusted to a professional.

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