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Heartworm, fleas, intestinal worms, ticks – parasites are all around us, and our pets bodies are the perfect environment for many of these to thrive, and they can create severe or even life-threatening conditions. So it’s important to ensure your dog or cat has a strong preventative care regime in place to avoid the worst consequences of parasitic infection.

At Clyde Veterinary Hospital, we place a huge premium on preventative veterinary care, and an effective regime for managing the risks to your dog or cat from parasitic bugs is a huge part of our philosophy. That’s why we are Casey’s #1 destination for preventative pet health care.

Our  state of the art veterinary clinic boasts dedicated dog and cat areas with species-specific anti-stress medication diffusers, so your pet will come away from their trip to Clyde Vet smiling like never before. We also have positive pressure air conditioning to maintain a sterile environment and our infectious disease isolation ward is accessed directly via our carpark, which means the risk of secondary infection from other animals in our clinic is minimised.


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Intestinal Worms

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Although heartworm in Australia was once considered mainly a problem of tropical and subtropical coastal regions, in recent decades it has become increasingly prevalent in Victoria.

Over 30 species of animals can be infected with the heartworm, including cats, foxes, ferrets, and in extremely rare cases, humans. One recent study found 7% of foxes in the Melbourne region carry heartworm.

And because the worm’s eggs are borne by mosquitoes, your pet doesn’t need to come into contact with an infected animal to contract heartworm.

The condition can be extremely serious and often deadly. We strongly recommend that dog owners consider putting a preventative anti-heartworm regime in place for them.

Talk to us at Clyde Veterinary Hospital about an effective anti-heartworm regime for your pet, based on their unique needs and circumstances.


Many pet owners think fleas are an inevitable fact of life – but in fact, it’s not difficult to keep your pet free from the most severe symptoms of flea infestation with a little preventative veterinary care.

A bewildering range of treatments and preventative aids are available to help stop fleas spreading on or between animals and around your home, including topical treatments, tablets and sprays.

Many of these treatments are species or situation specific, and it’s important that you’re properly informed by a preventative care expert as to which is best for your pet.

Talk to us at Clyde Veterinary Hospital about the best anti-flea regime for your pet based on their lifestyle circumstances.


Intestinal worms are the least visible of the common parasites that infect our pets, often without causing any obvious symptoms, so infection can often go undetected and a small problem can quickly become a large one.

The most common species of intestinal worm found in dogs and cats are roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm and whipworm, and fortunately, comprehensive all-in-one preventions and treatments are available – many of which will effectively treat heartworm also.

There are a large range of preventative and treatment medicines on the market today. The most appropriate treatment for your pet will depend upon their unique circumstances and should be considered in the context of a comprehensive parasite prevention regime.

Talk to us at Clyde Vet about the most appropriate treatment based on your pet’s holistic health care.


While many species of ticks are generally harmless to our pets and can be easily removed, paralysis ticks thrive all along Australia’s eastern seaboard and represent a life-threatening risk to dogs and cats – so you should always be keeping an eye out for the presence of tick parasites on your pet.

Treatment for paralysis tick is a complicated and expensive procedure, so this is one area of veterinary care where prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

In Australia, spring is generally regarded as “tick season”, but infection can occur at any time of the year. We strongly recommend checking your pet’s skin all over daily during peak season to ensure that they are either tick-free or can receive immediate treatment.

Talk to us at Clyde Veterinary Hospital about an effective tick parasite prevention regime for your pet based upon their unique needs and circumstances.


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