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When it comes to any medical problem that might be troubling your pet, it’s vital that their veterinarian has as much information as possible when diagnosing and treating them. 

With this in mind, Clyde Vet Hospital now has access to animal ultrasound equipment, giving us the ability to better diagnose and treat your best friend.

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How will an ultrasound help your pet?

An ultrasound machine designed for animals works on the same technology as the ultrasound machine that a doctor uses to treat humans. It is a non-invasive way of examining a patient internally by bouncing sound waves inside the body and forming an image based on how they return. 

This is a completely safe procedure – there has never been any record of a human or animal being harmed by an ultrasound examination.

The benefits of a pet ultrasound machine are immense, as they allow for a fully 3D visualisation of the internal organs, structures and blood vessels within your pet’s body. This can help to diagnose cancers and other damage in kidneys, spleen, intestines and more, without the need for any unnecessary exploratory surgery.

It’s also able to assist with faster intervention, like helping your vet spot fluid buildup around your pet’s heart , lung or abdominal cavity. This condition requires the fluid to be drained. Procedures like this are made possible because an ultrasound allows for real-time visualisation, allowing it to assist in operations that X-Rays cannot. Ultrasound also help in pregnancy confirmation

Ultrasound at Clyde Vet

At Clyde Vet Hospital, we believe in keeping our skills as up-to-date as possible, so we can reliably serve the needs of the animals that are in our care. If you’re concerned about your pet, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a checkup.

Call (03) 9052 3200, or follow this link to book an appointment online, today.

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Our state of the art, purpose-built veterinary hospital has world’s best practice sterilisation procedures, with all the very latest state of the art equipment, and positive pressure air conditioning installed, making for the most sterile surgical environment possible.

Our special isolation ward, accessed directly from the hospital carpark also ensures any risk of secondary contagion from other animals is kept to a minimum during their stay at Clyde vet.

Dr. Mitry’s extensive surgical experience means that we are able to offer a comprehensive range of common surgeries for dogs and cats, rabbits and other rodents as well as desexing surgery in ferrets.

We perform dog and cat surgeries in both bone and soft tissue for the eye, ear, nose and throat, knee, intestines, urinary tract, reproductive organs, anal glands, perform lump removals and treat hernias, gastrotomy, entropians and much much more. See the FAQ section below for a complete list of common surgeries offered.

Clyde Veterinary Hospital is a member of the VetPay network of clinics, meaning you have several easy and affordable payment plans available if you need them.

Visit the VetPay website for more information.

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Clyde Veterinary Hospital offers a free initial surgical consultation to discuss the surgery and the required postoperative care – another reason to choose southeast Melbourne’s most state of the art animal hospital for your precious companions’ delicate surgery.

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What Dog and Cat Surgeries Do You Perform?

Dental Extractions and Fillings (CLICK HERE for more information on our dental services)
Desexing (CLICK HERE for more information on our desexing services)
Exploratory Surgery and biopsy
Knee Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery & Common Fractures
Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat Surgery
Urinary Tract, Vulva, Reproductive Organs & Desexing Surgery

ACL/CCL – Anterior or Cranial Cruciate Ligament in dogs
Patellar Luxation (kneecap dislocation) in dogs
Femoral Head Ostectomy for hip and arthritis issues
Tibial Tuberosity Avulsion (TTA)

Surgery for lump removal and Biopsy
Soft palate resectomy surgery/stenotic nares
Entropian repair surgery (eyelids) & Cherry Eye
Urinary blockages
Emergency spleenectomy
Gastropexy/bloat in dogs
Small intestine anastomosis (Foreign Bodies)
Anal glands resectomy(removal)

If you don’t see your dog or cat’s condition of interest listed, contact Clyde Vet today (see bottom of page for details), and we will let you know if we offer a surgical treatment.

What Other Small Animal Surgeries Do You Perform?

We perform desexing surgeries in rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. We also cater for rabbit dental and gastrotomy surgery and lump removal in rats and abscess surgery in guinea pigs and others.

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