It is important to keep your pet feeling happy and healthy so that they can continue to bring joy to your family. Just like people, sometimes animals need medication to live their best lives, particularly as they get older.

Clyde Veterinary Hospital makes it easy to get repeats of your pet prescriptions so that you don’t have to stress about getting the medication your pet needs. Simply inform us that you need a refill of your pet’s prescription by giving us a call or visiting in person, and we will prepare the medication for you to pick up, generally within one business day.

Clyde Veterinary Hospital Prescription and Refill Policy

If your pet’s medication is classified as a “Prescription Animal Remedy” or “Prescription Only Medicine”, it can only be supplied by a registered veterinary surgeon to an animal “under their care”. 

Due to this, when one of our veterinarians provides your pet with a prescription, patients are only able to receive a refill from our clinic. If you require a script that can be fulfilled online or at another clinic, speak to your veterinarian, who may be able to help arrange it for a fee.

Before any medication is prescribed, a professional diagnosis is required. Your pet must be monitored, with legislation requiring that a veterinarian complete an examination at least every six months, before medication can continue to be supplied. All animal prescriptions must be fulfilled within six months of the last consultation.

Some conditions may require that your pet is more frequently examined, and blood tests may also be needed. This ensures that the medical needs of your pet have not changed, and it is only necessary for more complicated conditions.

Need a prescription refill?

If you are in need of a refill for your pet prescription, medicine or remedy, the team at Clyde Veterinary Hospital are happy to help. 

Provided your pet is not due for an examination or blood test, we can prepare most prescriptions for pickup within one business day. Special orders and compounded medications may take up to seven working days to organise.

Getting more medication for your pet is as easy as calling Clyde Veterinary Hospital on (03) 9052 3200 or visiting us in person to request a refill be prepared. We will let you know as soon as your pet’s medication is ready for pickup.

Please note, that any special medication may take longer to be available.

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